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Hillsong Church is a Pentecostal Christian church founded in 1983 in Sydney, Australia by the Reverend Brian Houston. Hillsong is the largest producer of worship music in the world, and has over 25 million online followers. Houston is the founding and senior pastor of Hillsong Church, an international network of Pentecostal churches based in Sydney, Australia.

Hillsong Worship - Introduction to most popular Worship movement

The Hillsong Church is an Australian based church with a Christian focus that has been producing music for over 30 years. Not only does it have a religious significance, but it also plays an important role in the lives of many Australians, with many new and old songs being composed each year. Hillsong Church's songs have been written to help worshippers focus on the gospel and worship God. A typical Hillsong album can include the following: psalms, biblical hymns, original songs, anthems and contemporary worship music. In May 2014, Hillsong Church purchased the festival for $17 million. The annual conference will be continued as usual with only minor changes. 

You can find the best Hillsong worship songs on this page. In a modern music world of disposable hits, the Christian faithful have looked to Hillsong for substance. The Australian band's worship is well-written and meticulously recorded to stand out in today's culture . " "Louder Than the Music" writer Jono Davies noted that "I need Jesus" was reminiscent of United Kingdom Christian band Delirious? 

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