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Bruno Mars Sheet Music

Download Bruno Mars sheet music and printable PDF score and learn to play hits like 'Marry you', 'Just The Way You Are', '24' and many more in minutes. Check Bruno Mars music notes here.

Bruno Mars Music Notes and Printable PDF Score

Bruno Mars was born in 1985 in Hawaii and has been singing and performing most of his life. He has had numerous number 1 singles and has written hit songs for both himself and for many other artists. Because of this, the collection of Bruno Mars sheet music available today is quite extensive, so if you’re a performer yourself and would like to perform some of his songs, you’ll certainly have a lot of them to choose from.

Some of the most popular sheet music of songs written by Bruno Mars includes When I Was Your Man, Count on Me, Talking to the Moon, Just the Way You Are, and Marry You, all of which were recorded by Mars himself, as well as songs that he’s written for other artists, which include:

- All I Ask (Adele)
- Pool Mashup: Just the Way You Are / Just a Dream (Pitch Perfect)
- The Lazy Song (Kelly Valleau)
- Finesse (Bojana Jovanovic)
- Uptown Funk (Jonny May)

Indeed, Bruno Mars is a prolific entertainer and performer, and finding the sheet music to his songs is very easy, especially if you look online. He even has some brand-new sheet music available that is written for a string quartet and vocalist, including Locked Out of Heaven.

Most of the sheet music is written in common keys and time signatures and is therefore not difficult to play or sing. Nevertheless, it isn’t becoming a musician that is difficult; it is becoming a good musician that is difficult, but Bruno Mars has it mastered.


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