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Alan Walker is an British-Norwegian DJ and producer best known for his single "Faded" which became the first ever song to hit over a billion streams on Spotify. The single was certified Diamond in 2017 for reaching 10 million sales. He has released two EPs, The Bright Side and The DarkSide. Alan Walker grew up in England and began producing music at the age of 15. By 19, he was traveling to the United Kingdom for gigs. And after a quick jaunt to Hong Kong, he relocated to London where he currently resides.

Walker later told Complex that his passion for music was inspired by Flume and The Weeknd, and he continued to improve his production chops as a one- man-band. Fast forward to January 2016 and he reached the point where his music could hold its own in front of a crowd. He has over 25 million plays on his songs, which is a huge number for such a young artist. In an interview Alan Walker in 2016, he said that music was first discovered in the classic ballad.

Walkers latest EP, "All Falls Down," is a collection of songs he's released for free on SoundCloud. The collection features tracks that are more in line with the progressive electronic style he dabbled in before his breakout hit "Faded."

The Norwegian DJ and record producer Alan Walker has released a number of singles and albums in 2017. His most recent album, "Singles", was released on December 4th, 2017. It features two singles: Faded, and Ignite. He also released the EP "Faded on November 10th, 2017". It includes his first single: Faded (feat. Greta Svabo Bech). In Novemberm, 2018 he released the EP "Space".


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Download Alan Walker Sheet Music and printable PDF score

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